The SafeWallet™ Technology

Sleek and Stylish Design

Smartwallet™are designed to be sleek and stylish, so they look great while also providing superior protection.

Multiple Card Slots

Multiple card slots to accommodate all your credit cards, ID, and other cards. These slots are designed to hold your cards securely and prevent them from slipping out or getting lost

RFID Blocking Technology

The primary characteristic of Smartwallet™is that they are equipped with RFID blocking technology. This technology uses special materials that create a barrier between your credit cards, ID, and other sensitive information and the radio waves used by RFID readers to access that information.

How Does SafeWallet Work?

Solid Carbon Fiber 

This carbon wallet made of world-class real carbon fiber, slim yet expandable build, you can enjoy a longer-lasting and better-looking wallet.

Holds 1-12 Cards/IDs & 10 Bills

Significantly thinner than traditional wallets, this Minimalist wallet can easily holds up to 12 cards and 10 bills.

RFID Blocking 

Our carbon fiber card holder is treated with anti-scratch technology to protect your private information and credit cards, ID card, passport, driver license from thieves' scanning devices, ensure your private property safety

Backed By Our Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee your SafeWallet to be free from defects.

Summarize The Benefits Of SafeWallet

We find that some features stand out to users, such as:

  • Protection against RFID skimming

  • Convenience and ease of use

  • Durable

  • Safeguarding personal information

  • Prevention of accidental card clash

  • Stylish designs

  • Versatility

  • Easy use

  • Slim

SafeWallet Changed More Than 22,000+ Peoples 

Identity Security Confidence

Mike H.

This is my first wallet of this type. I have been a front pocket, minimalist leather wallet guy for years until a buddy offered to buy one of these for me. I'm surprised at how much I like this wallet. I anticipated it feeling too heavy or the bent end of the money clip causing irritation to my leg or damage to the pocket, but I was wrong!. I highly recommend this wallet.”

Peter P.

“I recently purchased a minimalist wallet and after using it for a month, I must say I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. The wallet has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and design.”

Kristi E.

“There is a hole at the bottom to push the cards up (they sort of fan) and I keep them in a specific order based on how often I use those cards (ex: ID on the outside). I loved the packaging and the customer service was amazing.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the 60 Day Test Guarantee?

We believe 100% in our products. This is why we offer a 60-Day Wear Test Guarantee where you can test our SmartWallet and decide for yourself.

2. Why Should We Take Care Of Our Back?

Your back muscles play an essential role in helping you move, stand up straight and breathe. They also stabilize your spine and torso.

3. What is the Wallet Neuritis?

Wallet neuritis is an example of extra-spinal tunnel neuropathy concerning sciatic nerve. Its clinical appearance often gets confused with sciatica of lumbar spine origin. Wallet-induced chronic sciatic nerve constriction produces gluteal and ipsilateral lower extremity pain, tin-gling, and burning sensation.
4. Who Should Use a SmartWallet?
smart wallet keeps your pocket slim and keeps your spine in the right place, does not put pressure on your muscles

5. How safe is this wallet to prevent identity theft?

100%. Our Smartwallet is the safest against identity thieves.

6. What Happens If I Order the Wrong Wallet?

Don't worry, this happens. Just send your order back and we will ship the correct wallet to you at no extra cost.
7. Do all orders track the tracking number?
Yup. We maintain transparency, so all products are shipped with valid tracking codes.
8. When will I receive the tracking number after my purchase?
We need 2-3 business days to ship and provide the tracking number. If even after this period you have not received it, just contact us.

   Same capacity.Half size

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 60-day guarantee to love your SafeWallet! We fully stand behind our product and believe we have the best product in the industry. We want to give you a full 2 months to try out our product, and if you don't like it 100%, you can contact us and we'll find a solution.

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